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As a leasing agent this was mind blowing, I just did a live showing. The whole showing took 10 minutes, I emailed them the application and signed the contract the next morning with deposit.

Emma Brown

Open Show 360 has enabled us to – once again – give our clients an opportunity to do a full “walk through” of our property.  Clients have 24/7 access to view property options houses, townhomes, condos and the HOA features at their leisure, zooming in on every aspect of every room as they choose. Immediate, 24/7, 360 virtual viewings eliminate customer annoyances: Being forced to schedule a walk through a desired property. To work around work schedules or coordinate schedules with significant others or sales staff to view a desired property. 

Derrick Wolf

We were blown away by how complete this virtual reality tour was. It really felt like we were walking through the place. We were able to zoom in on countertops, floorboards, walls, bathrooms – the whole kit and caboodle! 

Rachelle Williams


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